Kentucky Fried Chicken – KFC – in Torrox or Nerja? Try the Canarian fried chicken at Que Pasa in Torrox-Costa!

Is there a KFC in Torrox or Nerja?

The Costa del Sol resorts of Torrox and Nerja have become more and more popular in the last few years. Nerja has been famous for its attractiveness and nice bays for many, many years. Torrox, however, has been gaining lots of popularity in the recent years. First of all thanks to its rich history and natural resources. Have you ever visited its large beach adjacent to a promenade full of bars, restaurants and entertainment? Both the (main) beach and the promenade start at the lighthouse and end in neighbouring El Morche. Secondly, the local government has invested many time and money in promoting Torrox and it surroundings. Check the Facebook pages of Mayor Óscar Medina España and of Councillor of Tourism Sandra Extremera to find out what they have done in order to promote Torrox both in Spain and abroad in the last few years, including on trade fairs in London and Berlin. In addition, they consult local foreign residents so that these can help them promoting Torrox in their home countries like for example in Germany and Norway.

Nice, but what about KFC in Torrox and Nerja?

My apologies, this post indeed is about whether or not you will find a Kentucky Fried Chicken or KFC in Torrox or Nerja. The answer is ¨no¨. But does this mean you that cannot enjoy that specific American-style fried chicken in this area? I might have good news for you! On my daily walk over the Torrox-Costa promenade mentioned above, I found out that there were new people in a place where a good friend of mine operated a Brazilian food concept between 2009 and 2015. From 2015 another Brazilian guy continued that business until recently. Today I saw other people around including a sign that says ¨Qué Pasa¨, the name of this new restaurant located first line beach on the Torrox-Costa promenade. I started a chat with Manuel, a Spanish guy from the Canary Islands. After some small talk he recommended me to try the ¨Canarian fried chicken¨. To be honest, I did not know what to expect at all. I tried to stay close to the famous KFC concept and ordered (Canarian) coleslaw, a corncob and 3 pieces of Canarian fried chicken. Of course taste is very personal, but what I concluded during and after the meal was that I like this Canarian fried chicken much more than KFC. By the way, my wife fully agreed!

So the Canarian fried chicken at Que Pasa in Torrox-Costa is a good alternative for KFC?

In my personal opinion it certainly is. But again, taste is very personal! If I were you I would certainly try the Canarian fried chicken at Que Pasa en Torrox-Costa. You will find them on the corner with Avenida América, located between Ferrara and Arco Iris.