JM Promotions supports Malaga Estates and Luxury Homes

What had happened to JM Promotions end of August 2017?

We are happy to announce that we are back online. JM Promotions supports Malaga Estates and Luxury Homes, among other sites. In the last week of August 2017 our provider in the USA went broke. A sad story and we keep on supporting this creative and innovative internet entrepreneur David Wood. But we had to find a solution for the migration of all our websites and blogs including this one. Within 48 hours we had Malaga Estates and Luxury Homes up and running. Today we are glad that we can close the major part of the migration project.

JM Promotions supports Malaga estates and luxury homes

Are you new on this blog? Its objective is helping people with any type of business getting found on Google. Not so many people are really ¨subscribed¨ to this blog. Its articles are, however, gateways to other people´s businesses!

Among our JM social network members are a couple of lawyers in Torrox, Torre del Mar, Malaga and Fuengirola, but also musicians, painters, artists in general, teachers, restaurants, consultants and many more. Do you have trouble being found on Google? Let us help! Click to drop us a mail. Or just copy and paste in a new e-mail to us.

Where do our network partners come from?

JM Promotions is located in Spain. Our network members, however, are located all over the world. And basically everybody is welcome to count on our services. Depending on your business, services and/or location our help can sometimes even be completely free of charge.

Organic traffic through search engines

Free traffic that you website gets through Google and the other search engines is called ¨organic traffic¨. This is the most effective traffic your website can get. In order to be successful on Google with organic traffic, there are approximately 200 important factors to think about. In addition, Google changes its algorythms often. In our services we take all these things into account.

OK, JM Promotions supports Malaga estates and luxury homes. But what do they say?

Comment from Malaga Estates and Luxury Homes: ¨As an estate agent in a market with incredibly high competition both local and online, we believe in talking to our niche markets. The services of JM Promotions have helped us reaching these niche markets in an efficient and effective way from the beginning¨.