JM Promotions supports Malaga Estates and Luxury Homes

jm promotions supports malaga estates and luxury homes

What had happened to JM Promotions end of August 2017?

We are happy to announce that we are back online. JM Promotions supports Malaga Estates and Luxury Homes, among other sites. In the last week of August 2017 our provider in the USA went broke. A sad story and we keep on supporting this creative and innovative internet entrepreneur David Wood. But we had to find a solution for the migration of all our websites and blogs including this one. Within 48 hours we had Malaga Estates and Luxury Homes up and running. Today we are glad that we can close the major part of the migration project.

JM Promotions supports Malaga estates and luxury homes

Are you new on this blog? Its objective is helping people with any type of business getting found on Google. Not so many people are really ¨subscribed¨ to this blog. Its articles are, however, gateways to other people´s businesses!

Among our JM social network members are a couple of lawyers in Torrox, Torre del Mar, Malaga and Fuengirola, but also musicians, painters, artists in general, teachers, restaurants, consultants and many more. Do you have trouble being found on Google? Let us help! Click to drop us a mail. Or just copy and paste in a new e-mail to us.

Where do our network partners come from?

JM Promotions is located in Spain. Our network members, however, are located all over the world. And basically everybody is welcome to count on our services. Depending on your business, services and/or location our help can sometimes even be completely free of charge.

Organic traffic through search engines

Free traffic that you website gets through Google and the other search engines is called ¨organic traffic¨. This is the most effective traffic your website can get. In order to be successful on Google with organic traffic, there are approximately 200 important factors to think about. In addition, Google changes its algorythms often. In our services we take all these things into account.

OK, JM Promotions supports Malaga estates and luxury homes. But what do they say?

Comment from Malaga Estates and Luxury Homes: ¨As an estate agent in a market with incredibly high competition both local and online, we believe in talking to our niche markets. The services of JM Promotions have helped us reaching these niche markets in an efficient and effective way from the beginning¨.

Kentucky Fried Chicken – KFC – in Torrox or Nerja? Try the Canarian fried chicken at Que Pasa in Torrox-Costa!

Is there a KFC in Torrox or Nerja?

The Costa del Sol resorts of Torrox and Nerja have become more and more popular in the last few years. Nerja has been famous for its attractiveness and nice bays for many, many years. Torrox, however, has been gaining lots of popularity in the recent years. First of all thanks to its rich history and natural resources. Have you ever visited its large beach adjacent to a promenade full of bars, restaurants and entertainment? Both the (main) beach and the promenade start at the lighthouse and end in neighbouring El Morche. Secondly, the local government has invested many time and money in promoting Torrox and it surroundings. Check the Facebook pages of Mayor Óscar Medina España and of Councillor of Tourism Sandra Extremera to find out what they have done in order to promote Torrox both in Spain and abroad in the last few years, including on trade fairs in London and Berlin. In addition, they consult local foreign residents so that these can help them promoting Torrox in their home countries like for example in Germany and Norway.

Nice, but what about KFC in Torrox and Nerja?

My apologies, this post indeed is about whether or not you will find a Kentucky Fried Chicken or KFC in Torrox or Nerja. The answer is ¨no¨. But does this mean you that cannot enjoy that specific American-style fried chicken in this area? I might have good news for you! On my daily walk over the Torrox-Costa promenade mentioned above, I found out that there were new people in a place where a good friend of mine operated a Brazilian food concept between 2009 and 2015. From 2015 another Brazilian guy continued that business until recently. Today I saw other people around including a sign that says ¨Qué Pasa¨, the name of this new restaurant located first line beach on the Torrox-Costa promenade. I started a chat with Manuel, a Spanish guy from the Canary Islands. After some small talk he recommended me to try the ¨Canarian fried chicken¨. To be honest, I did not know what to expect at all. I tried to stay close to the famous KFC concept and ordered (Canarian) coleslaw, a corncob and 3 pieces of Canarian fried chicken. Of course taste is very personal, but what I concluded during and after the meal was that I like this Canarian fried chicken much more than KFC. By the way, my wife fully agreed!

So the Canarian fried chicken at Que Pasa in Torrox-Costa is a good alternative for KFC?

In my personal opinion it certainly is. But again, taste is very personal! If I were you I would certainly try the Canarian fried chicken at Que Pasa en Torrox-Costa. You will find them on the corner with Avenida América, located between Ferrara and Arco Iris.

Get the most euros when you buy Málaga property


By our guest blogger Peter Lavelle

Get the best exchange rate when buying your dream property in Malaga

Get the most euros when you buy Málaga property! Do you have your heart set on buying your dream property in Málaga in 2017? If so whether, you intend to buy a 2-bedroom furnished penthouse in La Cala de Mijas for €255,000, or 3-bedroom country villa with a swimming pool in Torrox for €360,000, you’ll want the best exchange rate.

After all, if the exchange rate is flying high when you transfer money to your Spanish bank account to buy your ideal property in Málaga, you’ll obtain more euros! With this in mind, here are 5 top tips to get you the highest possible total, when you exchange pounds to euros to buy a Málaga property in 2017.

5 Top tips to get the most euros when you buy Málaga property in 2017

1. Use a specialist currency broker to transfer your money to Spain, instead of your high street bank. This is because the banks know that people go to them as the first port of call, so they offer inferior exchange rates. Instead, a dedicated foreign exchange dealer can offer you an exchange rate up to 5% better than your bank. On a £200,000 transfer to Spain, that’s an extra €10,000!

2. Look at transferring your money to Spain, well before you intend to buy your property in Malaga. This is because this gives you the biggest possible window of time for a good exchange rate to become available. Instead, if you transfer your money at the last minute, you’ll have to accept whatever exchange rate is available at that time, which could mean you receive a lower euro total!

3. Accept a good exchange rate as soon as it becomes available, don’t wait to see how high it goes. This is because the exchange rates are extremely volatile, and liable to fall in the blink of an eye. Hence, if you wait to see how high the exchange rate goes, you could miss the peak, and lose out! With this in mind, it’s better to accept a good rate as soon as you see it, to get more euros.

4. Make sure that the currency broker you use is directly authorised by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority. This will ensure that the currency dealer adheres to all legal and regulatory requirements to keep your money safe, such as keeping your money ringfenced in separate client accounts. This way, you can feel certain that your money will arrive safe, to buy your Málaga property.

5. Avoid foreign exchange brokers that charge fees or commission. In 2017, you can transfer hundreds of thousands of pounds to your Spanish bank account, without paying even a penny in fees or commission. Just ask the currency dealer you’re talking to if they charge any extras, and if they say ‘Yes’, go elsewhere. This way, all your money will go toward buying your dream Málaga property.

Contact Peter Lavelle to transfer money to Spain to buy a property in Málaga

With these 5 tips, you’ll be well on your way to get the highest possible euro total, when you transfer money to Spain to buy a property in Málaga. Keep them in mind!

By Peter Lavelle at foreign exchange broker Pure FX.

Torrox News – average temperature 18 degrees Celsius and not more than 54 days of rain – best climate in Europe

The best climate in Europe is found in Spain, but where exactly? According to an investigation among 21 coastal resorts in Europe, there is a place with an average yearly temperature of 18 degrees Celsius and only 54 days of rain. This place is located along the Costa del Sol in the province of Málaga.

In the middle of the Costa del Sol, between the Mediterranean Sea and the Natural Park Sierra de Alhama, Tejeda y de Almijara, you will find Torrox and Nerja. Meteogroup who did the climate investigation among those 21 coastal resorts in Europe now confirms that the area of Torrox and Nerja is really having the best climate in Europe. Especially Torrox has been using this in their advertising slogans, but now it has been proven that it is not a slogan only. With an average temperature of 18 degrees Celsius and not more than an average of 54 days of rain, the climate around Torrox and Nerja is reaching perfection.

In this area of Torrox and Nerja people enjoy a subtropical Mediterranean climate without any extremes. The maximum temperature in summer is 32 degrees Celsius whereas the minimum temperature in winter is 10 degrees Celsius. Add the average of 54 days of rain per year and the fact that we do not know any temperatures below zero degrees Celsius. Could it become any better?

Does the average of only 54 days of rain per year cause a shortage on water in this area? Not at all! The good thing is that the natural park north of the area is getting enough rain to guarantee that there has never been a shortage on water!

For many reasons, nowadays more and more Northern-European people choose the Costa del Sol as their destination both for holidays and for permanent living. People who prefer the more quiet areas of the Costa del Sol choose Torrox and Nerja!

Please visit these interesting websites offering services in this area:
Apartments Burriana – holiday rentals in the area
Shangri-La – holiday rentals in the area (Dutch)
Spanish Estate – property for sale along the Costa del Sol including Torrox and Nerja

Nerja news: ¨¨ has taken over former Nerja rental properties Het Strandhuys

Nerja news: ¨¨ has taken over former Nerja rental properties Het Strandhuys

The climate in Nerja, the famous Balcon de Europa, the many curiosities in the surroundings of Nerja: there are many reasons why many people from all nationalities have been visiting Nerja for their holidays, for staying here in winter or even for living in Nerja on a permanent base. If you consider or like spending your holiday in Nerja, would it not be great to stay in a luxury apartment in Burriana or in a beautiful villa in Nerja? Recently the local Dutch agent ¨¨ has taken over the former Nerja rental properties from Het Strandhuys.

Find out more: website of this new agent (soon also in English, currently in Dutch only)

Article co-sponsored by Spanish Estate.