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Torrox-News – De Oranjerie and La Bahía del Faro working together inviting country rock band The Jack Cade Rebellion

De Oranjerie and La Bahía del Faro are both bars/small restaurants located along the Torrox-Costa promenade that opened their doors recently. Being good neighbours they are now working together offering you live country rock music performed by The Jack Cade Rebellion.

The performance will start this Saturday 16 July from 9.00pm. Everybody is more than welcome!

Both businesses are located adjacent to each other. You will find them along the Torrox-Costa promenade near the lighthouse. Walking down the stairs you will easily find them on your right hand side.

The Jack Cade Rebellion are:
Dave Cade – voice and guitars
Martin Cade – voice and guitars
Atticus Cade – voice and percussion
Oliver Cade – bass

All members have other musical projects outside The Jack Cade Rebellion. Dave has just finished a solo project CD entitled Another Day and also sings and plays guitar in duo Dave and Lucy. Martin plays in the duo Moonshine. Oliver and Atticus are founder members of the rock band New Jacket who regularly gig, and with whom Oliver plays lead guitar and sings.

Torrox News – ¨The best tapas ever in Torrox? Of course at De Oranjerie!¨, says Manolo, a local Spanish resident

De Oranjerie Torrox-Costa is a Dutch owned bistro that started their business along the Torrox-Costa promenade in March 2016. You will find typical Dutch snacks on their menu like the Dutch ¨frikandel¨ and crunchy croquet filled with the finest ragout. Apart from these snacks, the Indonesian satay with peanut butter sauce has become very popular in just a few weeks time!

However, based on the demand from the very international guests they have been welcoming from the beginning, De Oranjerie Torrox-Costa have changed their menu completely. They still offer the famous typical Dutch snacks but also for example meal salads, grilled sandwiches with cheese and ham, Dutch herring and Spanish tapas in a different way. ¨We were very posititively surprised when we got feedback from the local Spanish residents regarding our tapas¨, say Henny and Armand the owners of De Oranjerie. They add: ¨One of our Spanish guests named Manolo even said he enjoyed the best tapas in Torrox  ever in our bistro¨.

The main dishes on the new menu are offering quality food at a reasonable price. The pork in bread crumbs (schnitzel), Greek gyros and Angus beef burgers among other dishes are highly appreciated.

De Oranjerie Torrox-Costa is located along the Torrox-Costa promenade. Coming from the lighthouse it is the 4th restaurant on the right you will easily recognize. They open from Monday till Saturday from 12pm till 12am.

MenuES MenuNL MenuDE

Best tapas in Torrox at De Oranjerie
Best tapas in Torrox at De Oranjerie

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Torrox News – fried fish, breakfast, lunch and tapas Torrox-Costa at La Bahía del Faro

Between the many fine dining and international restaurants along the Torrox-Costa boulevard, a typical Spanish tapas bar emerged almost at the end of the promenade heading to the lighthouse where you will enjoy the personal and friendly service of Antonio, Mari Carmen and their staff. Welcome to Cafetería Bahía del Faro!

Antonio recommends everybody to ask for the tapa of the day, gambas al pil pil and his delicious jumbled up mushrooms with shrimps. Breakfast is served every morning between 9am and 12pm while you can enjoy paella every Sunday.

Eat the best fried fish, breakfast, lunch and tapas in Torrox-Costa at La Bahía del Faro along the boulevard. Coming from the lighthouse it is the 3rd restaurant to the right.

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Torrox News – Do I have to obtain a Spanish driving licence? Driving licence renewal in Spain.

If you are an EU/EEA national living in Spain, new driving regulations implemented in 2015 could force you to obtain a Spanish licence. As of 19 January 2015, European foreign residents living Spain are obliged to ‘renew’ their European licences which will kick-start the process for obtaining a Spanish one – but not everyone has to do this.

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