Torrox News – Sabor a Malaga in Torrox with participation of chef Carlos Morata of La Rompiente fine dining restaurant

Picture above taken from Axarquía Plus with Jacobo Florido and Sandra Extremera

From Friday 1 July until Sunday 3 July malagueños and all the visitors of the area will have the opportunity to taste and obtain typical products from our Axarquía. Products – for example – that are elaborated with or from mango, papaya, avocado or other subtropical fruits, but also the ajobacalao from Vélez-Málaga, baby goat from Canillas de Aceituno or the sweet wine from Moclinejo. You will also find innovative products like higo chumbo (cactus) juice or snail caviar. And what about local products like oils, wines, olives, honeys, cheeses and dairy products, dry fruits, dry sausages, local beers and destilled, marmelades and much more to mention here?

All this will be celebrated along the Avenida del Faro in Torrox-Costa, near the beach of this part of Spain that is considered having the best climate in Europe. Chef Carlos Morata from La Rompiente fine dining restaurant Torrox will also be present on Friday 1 July from 10.00pm.

Malaga Estates will be visiting Sabor a Malaga in Torrox too!

Torrox News – Shock Decline in Sterling Following EU Referendum

After Britain’s shock vote to leave the European Union last week, the effects on the currency markets, and sterling in particular, have been profound.

The pound plunged to its lowest level in more than 3 decades, and you can see the sharp fall in GBP/EURO and GBP/EURO in the charts below, showing the movements in these currency pairs over the last 7 days.


Shock decline in Sterling EU Referendum Brexit
Shock decline in Sterling EU Referendum Brexit


Shock decline in Sterling EU Referendum Brexit
Shock decline in Sterling EU Referendum Brexit

What next for sterling?

Some major bank analysts have predicted the currency would fall further in the months ahead, as financial investors price in the uncertainties unleashed by the Brexit vote and the scale of the damage to Britain’s economic prospects.

HSBC have cut its GBP/USD forecast to $1.20, and it’s GBP/EUR forecast to €1.08.

Other forecasts suggest that the euro could also weaken significantly due to the potential domino effect of other EU nations holding their own referendums, which creates huge uncertainty for the Eurozone.

It’s also likely that the Bank of England will cut interest rates later in the year, as they will have to do something to try and prop up an economy that had already slowed in the run in to Thursday’s vote.

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Torrox News – La Rompiente fine dining restaurant receives TripAdvisor´s Certificate of Excellence

La Rompiente fine dining restaurant Torrox has been an established name in the area of Axarquía and far beyond for quite a lot of time, but do you realize they started the fine dining concept only 8 months ago? And do you realize that on TripAdvisor they have been the number ONE out of 107 restaurants in Torrox since then?

Thanks to the fact that La Rompiente fine dining restaurant Torrox has been registered on TripAdvisor for 12 months now, they were eligible to receive TripAdvisor´s famous Certificate of Excellence which they got immediately and without any doubt!

Who is Tripadvisor?
According to their own website, TripAdvisor is the world’s largest travel site, enabling travelers to plan and book the perfect trip. TripAdvisor offers advice from millions of travelers and a wide variety of travel choices and planning features with seamless links to booking tools that check hundreds of websites to find the best hotel prices. TripAdvisor branded sites make up the largest travel community in the world, reaching 340 million unique monthly visitors and 350 million reviews and opinions covering more than 6.5 million accommodations, restaurants and attractions. The sites operate in 48 markets worldwide.

Basically, TripAdvisor is the digital form of the ¨word-to-mouth¨.

And what is TripAdvisor´s Certificate of Excellence?
Founded in 2010, the Certificate of Excellence honors hospitality businesses that deliver consistently great service. This designation is given to establishments that have consistently achieved great traveler reviews on TripAdvisor over the past year. Establishments earning the Certificate of Excellence are located all over the world and have continually delivered superior customer experience.

La Rompiente fine dining restaurant Torrox received TripAdvisor´s Certificate of Excellence because over the past 12 months they have maintained an overall TripAdvisor rating of at least four out of five based on – currently – 160 reviews.

Would you like to have proof of La Rompiente fine dining restaurant´s superior customer experience? Check their opening hours on their website and make a reservation! Sponsored by Malaga Estates, part of JM Promotions.

Torrox News – famous Spanish director and actor Jaime Ordóñez will be filming in Torrox

LATEST NEWS 24 JUNE 2016: more support actors will be selected on 30 June. Please see this poster:

Torrox News - Jaime Ordóñez filming in Torrox
Torrox News – Jaime Ordóñez filming in Torrox

Today 23 June 2016 the famous Spanish director and actor Jaime Ordóñez did his casting of support actors for his next film. According to Torrox Council member Sandra Extremera this casting was done today between 12.00 and 2.00pm in the Salón de Usos Múltiples in Torrox-Costa. The filming is planned in Torrox (El Morche) for one of the days 12, 13 and 14 July. Most people know Jaime Ordóñez as a popular Spanish actor, mostly known from the famous series on Antena 3 ¨Aquí no hay quien viva¨ and from his work together with José Mota that he has been doing for 7 years now. Jaime Ordóñez was born in Málaga in 1971.

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Property for sale in Malaga – please read this first and save a lot of time! Malaga estates specialists of the new generation

Property for sale in Malaga has been popular since the 60s of the previous century. During the decades the market of property for sale in Malaga has become more and more intransparent and today it can be even named ¨chaotic¨. We have been buyers of property for sale in Malaga for more than 10 years and have learnt that selling and buying property in this market is quite a challenge each time. Sometimes it seems that estate agents never learn! I am not going to sum all the frustrations we have known during the years and would like to give a couple of recommendations of Malaga estates agencies that are specialists in Malaga real estate and of one that specializes in Malaga luxury homes, property for sale in Malaga in the higher price ranges.

1. In Torrox-Costa, perhaps an old-fashioned website yet a well-organized Malaga estates agency: website

2. In Marbella and Torrox-Costa, a Malaga estates agency specialized in property for sale in Malaga province more on the east side in areas like Nerja, Frigiliana, Torrox, Torre del Mar, Rincón de la Victoria. Partners of the Malaga estates agency mentioned in ¨1¨: website

3. In Marbella and Málaga, this Malaga estates agency specializes in Malaga luxury homes: website

LATEST UPDATE: All 3 agencies have decided to use one and the same website from 10 October 2016.

What these 3 Malaga estates agencies have in common:

– Apart from Spanish, the English, French, German and Dutch languages are fluently spoken
– Experienced staff, no employees, only working with independent entrepreneurs each of them having more than 10 years of experience in Malaga real estate and many more years in international business in general
– Entrepreneurs classified as ¨the new generation¨: professionals that have a dream to bring Spanish businesses to a higher level stopping corruption forever and giving the customer service every buyer of property for sale in Malaga deserves.

Nederland, het Nederlands Elftal, Oranje, WIJ dus – wat gaan we maandag 13 juni om 21.00 uur doen?

Als ik de reportages bij NOS Studio France beschouw, blijkt dat het zowel nationaal als internationaal nog niet tot iedereen is doorgedrongen. Het is echter waar… Nederland, het Nederlands Elftal, Oranje, ¨WIJ¨ dus: we doen niet mee aan het Europees Kampioenschap voetbal in Frankrijk.

Gedurende de afgelopen weken hebben Johnny Heitinga, Jan Smit, Mario Been en Victor Reinier op een ludieke wijze diepgaand onderzoek gedaan naar welk land we het beste kunnen ondersteunen.

Het ons geliefde Spanje scoorde een goede tweede plaats. Maarreh…. waren het niet de Spanjaarden die ervoor verantwoordelijk waren dat wij op het vorige EK dat gehouden werd in Frankrijk – dat van 1984 – ook niet aanwezig waren? Ik herinner me een 12-1 overwinning van Spanje op Malta op een koude decemberavond in 1983. Een bittere pil voor Oranje toentertijd. Maar wat waren we blij dat hetzelfde Spanje in de groepsfase de Mannschaft uitschakelde door een rake kopbal van Maceda in de laatste minuut, op aangeven van Señor. Het team van o.a. Arconada, Camacho, Gordillo, Maceda, Señor, ¨el lobo¨ Carrasco en Santillana verloor uiteindelijk de finale van de Fransen dankzij een sterk middenveld met Platini, Giresse en Tigana.

Zonder enige twijfel is uit het bovengenoemde ludieke onderzoek komen vast te staan dat we het beste de Rode Duivels kunnen ondersteunen. OK, ze hebben ons een keer door een laat doelpunt van George Grün in de weg gestaan naar een WK in 1986, maar voor de rest komt deze ploeg op veel punten wellicht nog het dichtst bij ¨ons Oranje¨.

Maandag 13 juni om 21.00 uur zit ik in ieder geval bij De Oranjerie in Torrox-Costa om de Belgen aan te moedigen! Het wordt vast gezellig net als altijd bij Henny en Armand. En mocht de wedstrijd niks worden, dan hebben we altijd nog de bitterballen, sateh, spareribs, goed bier en uitstekende wijnen! Italiani benvenuti!!

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Overigens ben ik eigenlijk vrij neutraal hoor, ik heb immers een Oranje hart. Dat de beste moge winnen ;-).

Nerja Nieuws – Weer Nerja? Bedoel je het weer in Nerja of kom je weer terug?

Weer Nerja, dat oh zo gemoedelijke plaatsje aan de oostkant van de Spaanse Costa del Sol dat zowat grenst aan de Costa Tropical van Granada en dat op een steenworp afstand ligt van ski-resort Sierra Nevada? Weer Nerja, dat ook oh zo bekend is bij het Nederlandse bedrijf Zoover. Zoek maar eens in Google naar ¨zoover nerja¨. Weer Nerja, immer populair omdat het zo´n Spaans plaatsje is met ¨encanto¨ maar daarnaast ook over de nodige moderne faciliteiten beschikt zonder overwoekerd te worden door massatoerisme? Jazeker: Weer Nerja! Vakantie Nerja, dat is een kwaliteitsvakantie!

Dit artikel wordt mede gesponsord door Malaga Estates.

Weer Nerja? Jazeker, het weer in Nerja speelt uiteraard een belangrijke rol! Het is vrij normaal dat als in Nederland of België de kachels al maanden stoken en vele mensen met een hardnekkige verkoudheid rondlopen, wij hier in Nerja nog heerlijk in korte kleren over het Nerja Balcón de Europa flaneren of de Nerja grotten bezoeken. En wat dacht je van de bekende Feria Nerja elk jaar in oktober? Kermis en gezelligheid onder de nog goed brandende oktoberzon!

Weer Nerja! En wel om 2 redenen: ja inderdaad: het weer in Nerja! En daarnaast de vele andere redenen die van Nerja zo´n speciale plek maken en waarom vele Nederlanders en Belgen een vakantie Nerja boeken.

Vakantiehuis boeken in Nerja? Bijvoorbeeld een luxe huis in Nerja huren op een rustige plek?

Vakantiehuis Shangri-La Nerja zit hier al zeker 15 jaar en werkt met passie en overgave om ervoor te zorgen dat je vakantie in Nerja aan de allerhoogste eisen voldoet zodat je de volgende keer inderdaad zult zeggen: ¨Weer Nerja¨!

Calle Aristoteles 86, La Noria
29780 Nerja, Málaga
Voor info en reserveringen:
Telefoonnr.: 0034636082788
b.g.g. 0034674747135

Klik hier voor het reserveringsformulier

Torrox News – Sabor a Málaga coming to Torrox

Fresh news from the desk of Sandra Extremera, city council member and among other things responsible for tourism: on 1, 2 and 3 July the gastronomical fair ¨Sabor a Málaga¨ will be celebrated in Torrox for the first time. The idea behind the name ¨Sabor a Málaga¨ is gathering the best quality dishes known in the province of Málaga and promote them in a global way. We want everybody to know our Málaga quality products both locally, nationally and internationally.

An initiative of the Diputación de Málaga. And what about this bonus? Apart from the best dishes known in Málaga everybody is invited to attend the concert of Javier Ojeda for free on 3 July. Torrox is trendy!

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